Google Apps Marketplace Integration

Integrate Projecturf & Google Apps for Business

If you have a Google Apps Business Account, you can easily add Projecturf to your list of apps from the Google Apps Marketplace by following these steps:

1 - Login to your Google Apps account and click on the Google Apps Marketplace link on the right side


2 - Type Projecturf in the search box and click the install button (you will see the checkmark below once it's installed)


3 - Click continue to add Projecturf to your list of apps and accept the Marketplace terms and click next. Now you can access Projecturf with just one click by going to the grid icon on the top of the page and scrolling down to find your newly listed Projecturf app:


Integrate Google Contacts with Projecturf

You can quickly add all of your Google contacts to Projecturf by following these steps:

1 - Go to your account section in Projecturf and click on the Integrations section:
2 - Check the box next to Google Contacts and click save
3 - Click Account - My Dashboard - My Contacts and all of your Google contacts will be available along with their avatars and their contact information
4 - Filter the My Contacts section for Google contacts at the top of the page to just see your Google contacts

5 - Watch this short video to learn more about the integrations available with Google

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