Introduction to Projecturf API


The API can be used for developing tools or applications that will read and write securely with Projecturf. The Projecturf API is REST-based and therefore allows you to use any modern programming languages to create new applications or websites.

Projecturf API Functionality

The Projecturf API allows you to access account data from web, desktop, or mobile applications. This data can be used to integrate with your existing software for the benefit of your customers, for simply generating your own data feeds, or for making updates to your Projecturf account from your custom built applications.

Projecturf API Restrictions

The Projecturf API does not allow you to make any changes to the web interface. You cannot add features or functionality into the Projecturf web app. The permissions structure cannot be altered in any way nor can you alter the underlying functions of the Projecturf application. The API is strictly available for accessing Projecturf data with your applications and changing or adding Projecturf data from your applications.

Getting Started

  1. Before starting, it is recommended you have a solid understanding of how to develop applications or websites as well as the basic principles of a RESTful API. 
  2. Sign up for a Projecturf account and familiarize yourself with the projects setup, different user types, sections, and permission levels.
  3. To get started, finish reading the overview below, then refer to Authentication for detailed steps on getting started.


The Projecturf API has a single point of entry ( Note the use of the https:// in the URL. All Projecturf API communication is encrypted of HTTPS. Any non-secure requests are rejected.

Content Negotiation /  Versioning

The current version of the API is v1, as we continue to expand the API you can specify the version using the Accept Media Type (application/ In this case v1 indicates the request is for version 1.
Accept Headers

Content-Type Headers

Rate Limiting

This is to prevent overloads on the API and to ensure everyone's requests have fast response times. There are no limit on the number of API request per day, but if you exceed 2 requests / per second their processing will be delayed or terminated. Be sure to review your caching techniques and the requests to see if they are working in the most efficient manner. In some cases, you may not need to refresh the data when making a request. If you you have a unique situation where you will consistently exceed these limits, get in touch with us.

Getting Help

We're here to help if you have any questions. Send us an email at with any API related questions.


The API for the tasks section is available now and the rest of the API for the other sections of the Projecturf application will be rolled out shortly. 

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