Task budgeting report

To access the Task Budgeting Report, simply click on the Tasks section in a project or the All Project - Tasks section and then click the report icon on the top right of the page as shown here:


Once you have clicked the reports icon, select the Task Budgeting Report from the filter drop down on the top left above the tasks as shown here:



The Task Budgeting Report shows all the tasks and subtasks that have a budget estimate assigned to them. This estimate is compared to the actual hours logged so you can track the progress. The total cost spent for each task / subtask is shown as well as a total for all tasks. This way you can quickly see how far along the project is and the total cost thus far. Also, next to each task, you will see the status of the task so you know where it stands. Here is a simple example:

At the bottom of the report, you get an overview of where the projects stands based on a specific date and time of the report as shown here:

All Projects View

The Task Budgeting Report is accessible from the project Tasks section and from the All Project - Tasks section. The All Project view shows a summary of the estimates vs the actuals for all your projects at the project level and a total for all projects.


The report can be filtered to see a specific time frame if the tasks have due dates or you can filter it to show tasks from certain people. These filters are only available at the project level since the All Projects view is a summary view.

Access / Permissions

Due to the sensitive nature of the budget and spending information across projects, this report is currently only available to administrators on the account.

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