Set preferences

In order to add items quickly into Projecturf, you simply type the item in the field at the top of the section and hit enter. However, before hitting enter, you can assign the item to someone, send email notifications, choose dates, etc. To speed this up even more, we've set up certain sections to retain your preferences in order for you to add multiple items quickly with all the same settings.

Once you refresh the entire page, the settings will go back to the defaults.

Here is a table that outlines how the settings will be retained in each section until you refresh your browser:

Tasks Retains the following settings: responsibility, start and end dates, email alerts, and mark private
Tickets Retains the following settings: responsibility, email alerts, and mark private. Resets attachments.
Time Retains the date.
Files Retains the following settings: permissions and email alerts. Resets comments.
Notes Retains the responsibility
Calendar Retains people and alerts when you click 'Add Another'

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