Projecturf has custom built-in timer that allows you to track time spent on projects and record the time directly into your project. To track your time with the custom timer, go to the Time, Tickets, or Tasks section of a project and click on the timer icon on the grey bar on the top right as shown here:


After clicking on the icon, you will see timer. Simply click play to begin clocking your time. Once you are done tracking your time, click on the time and you will see the add new time field as shown here:


Record your time

To add your time to a task or a ticket you must be in the corresponding section you want to add the time entry to and you will see the drop down menu to select the item as displayed above. In the case above, you would be in the tasks section since you can select the task. All time entered on a task or ticket will be displayed in the sidebar under the time tab for that task / ticket; All entries will be shown in the Time section of the project. If they are associated with a task or ticket, it will say Task: or Ticket: in the time section as an indication that the entry is for one of those items. If you click the time from the Time section, you will only be able to add new entries that are not associated with a task or ticket.

Timer add panel functionality

  • Select task or ticket, or choose timed entry, billable entry, or expense as shown below
  • Add a description for the entry
  • Set the date, use the time from the timer or change the time
  • Change the hourly rate and chose a hourly or fixed amount 
  • Add any notes to the time entry
  • Reset the timer to zero

Timer functionality

  • You can have multiple timers running across different projects simultaneously
  • If you click the play button to start the timer and then navigate away from the current section, the timer will continue running
  • If you logout of your account and you have not hit pause or reset the timer, it will continue to run
  • Each timer will stop automatically at 24 hours

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