Getting Started [VIDEO]

Getting Started

One of the best things about Projecturf is how easy it is to use. You can literally be managing projects and tasks and collaborating with others in seconds. Once you setup your account, there are 3 quick steps that will get you started immediately.


To get started quickly, follow these steps:

  1. Create a project - To get started, add a project by simply giving it a name and clicking OK. It's that simple! Of course, you can modify additional project settings later.
  2. Add team members - Once your project is created, you can assign contacts to it. Simply grab contacts from your My Contacts section.
  3. Get to work - Then get to work. Schedule events, track progress, create tasks, share files, discuss important topics and so much more!
  4. Manage settings and preferences - You can also tailor the app to match your preferences by uploading a custom logo, getting a custom URL, changing the color scheme, and more.

For a more detailed view on adding contacts and creating projects, watch our short video introduction:


The following is a more detailed walk-through of how you can do certain things within Projecturf.

Account setup

From the Account section, you can input all your personal information and customize the app to fit your company's brand and image. Follow these simple steps:

For all users:

  1. Enter your personal information under the section Personal Info and verify or update your avatar on the right side
  2. Enter your personal account options under the section Personal Options and select the language and date format you want throughout the app
  3. Enter your Hourly Rate that will auto populate for you in the Time sections
  4. Choose your App Behavior preferences
  5. Choose your Dropbox and Google Drive preference for connecting to these file sharing services within your account
Projecturf account options

For account holders (admins):

  1. Personalize the account by typing your company name for Workspace and then choose a color Theme for the application from the Workspace Options section
  2. Select a Currency to be used for the account and customize the Email Footer for all outgoing emails and notifications
  3. Upload a Logo for custom branding
  4. Enter the Custom URL section and add a Hosted Subdomain which will be used to access your account and click Save
  5. Enter the Admins section and grant Admin access to users from your My Contacts
Projecturf custom account setup

Create projects

You must first create a project to begin using Projecturf. To get started, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Click the + button to the right of Projects in your left navigation
  2. Enter the Project Name and click OK
  3. Click on the Name of the project you just added
Create new project

Add contacts

Now you'll need to add contacts to your project before you start getting things done. Click on the My Contacts section in the left navigation bar. To add contacts:

  1. Type or paste the New Contact Email(s) in the input field on the top and hit Enter
  2. Next, click on a project and go the Overview section and click on the People tab on the top right of the page in the sidebar
  3. Click the + button to the right of the user type (Managers, Staff, Clients) to start adding people to the project
  4. Click Done once you've added people to the project
  5. Learn more about adding contacts here
Add new contact to project

Get things done!

Begin using all the sections and features Projecturf has to offer to easily manage your projects. Start by adding your first task:

  1. Click on a project and go to the Tasks section and then start typing your task in the input field and hit enter
Create new task

Your project is now underway!

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