Frequently Asked Questions



Can I use any computer or browser to access Projecturf?

Yes. Projecturf is a Web-based app, which means there is nothing for you to install and you can use any computer to access Projecturf. This includes both PC and MAC. Projecturf has been optimized to work in all modern browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. We do not support older, out-of-date browsers such as IE8.

Security & compliance

Is Projecturf safe, secure, and reliable?

Yes. Projecturf uses the highest level of security available on all accounts at all times. Data that is transferred between our servers and your computer is protected using a 256-bit encrypted SSL certificate and our servers are hosted with Rackspace in a SAS 70 Type II-compliant datacenter, where they are constantly monitored and reside behind firewalls, anti-virus protection, and intrusion detection services for additional security. Data is backed up nightly (including all databases) in case of an emergency and can be restored within a few hours if problems arise. Our SAS 70 Type II-compliance audit report is available upon request.

Is Projecturf HIPAA and PCI compliant?

Yes, Projecturf is fully HIPAA and PCI compliant. In addition, our hosting partner Rackspace is also fully compliant. Our infrastructure is scanned and tested regularly through Trustwave for full PCI compliance and we remain HIPAA and PCI complaint through physical system security, managed firewall services, anti-virus protection, SSL certificates, intrusion detection services, and customer network scanning services. Our PCI compliance report is available upon request.

What is your data destruction plan?

Data that is stored on our servers is kept safe and secure at all times, using both technology and strict policies and procedures. When you cancel your account, all data is completely removed from our servers, including all files and project data, account data, and personal information. If your contacts have accounts in Projecturf they will still maintain their accounts, which are managed by them, but they can cancel those at any time as well. The only data that is kept is information about the administrator's billing history (however, we do not keep or store credit card or payment information).

Trial & payments

How does the free trial work?

All plans come with a free trial. Your first 14 days are free and you will not be charged during this time. You can cancel at any time before your first billing date and you will not be charged. Your first charge will be on Midnight on the 14th day. You must cancel your account prior to that time to avoid all charges. If you have not entered your credit card details, your account will be locked on the 14th day. However, you can still continue to use Projecturf for personal use (no projects) free of charge.

Do you offer various payment terms and methods?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You can choose to pay month-to-month or you may pre-pay annually if you prefer. When you sign up, you're automatically put on our month-to-month plan, but you can change this at any time after you login under subscription in your account page.

If I sign up today, will I be up and running today?

Yes. Simply create an account by inputting your name, email, and password and you will have instant access to Projecturf.

Plans & cancellations

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes. Projecturf is a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go service. We do not have long-term contracts, service agreements or any restrictions on plan changes. You can change plans (including both upgrading and downgrading) at any time.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. You can easily cancel your account at any time by visiting your account page inside the app. There is no charge for canceling your account and you simply will not be billed again.

How do I cancel?

You may cancel your account by logging into the app, going to your account page, and clicking on subscription. You must cancel your own account, as you need your password to complete this process (since data will be completely deleted and is not recoverable). We cannot cancel your account for you for security reasons.

Does the cost of my plan remain the same even if I have a lot of users?

Yes. We do not charge based on the number of users and all project plans allow you to have unlimited users in the system.

Functionality / usage

Is it easy to learn how to use Projecturf?

Absolutely! Projecturf is the most stunningly designed app of its kind. We've literally spent thousands of hours in the design lab developing an interface that is not only sleek, but intuitive and easy-to-learn. Independent reviews have said that Projecturf is "extremely well-designed" and has "ridiculously easy navigation."

Can you explain the workflow?

There are 4 user levels in Projecturf; Admins (2 Levels including System Admin and Project Admin), Project Managers, Staff Members, and Clients. Each account is created by a system admin. The system admin can grant other registered users admin capabilities in the Account section. Admins have the ability to create and manage projects. Within a project, at the project-level, there are 3 types of access; Project Managers, Staff Members, and Clients. Staff Member and Client access can be fully customized by hiding project sections or people and granting either view only or read / write access for individual sections. Sections can also be turned off for Project Managers. Project Managers have access to the project settings and can manage, edit, and delete anyone's activities throughout that project. Staff members and Clients can only manage, edit, and delete their own activity and do not have access to the project settings. Even though you may be an admin, you need to assign yourself to the project as a Project Manager, Staff Member, or Client to interact with that project. If you are not part of the project but are in fact an admin, you will still have "view-only" access to all projects.

Are archived or closed projects included in my total project count?

No, however closed projects will count against your storage limit. If you decide to close a project, it will remain in the app until you delete it.

What kind of support can I expect?

The very, very best! Projecturf offers support to our customers for life. If problems arise, you can use this help center to get answers and to submit trouble tickets. We have a reputation of being incredibly responsive and flexible with customers, which is noteworthy when we're compared to some of our competitors. We also have a Votebox for users to submit and vote on ideas.


Do you offer non-profit discounts?

Projecturf offers a 30% discount on all business level (or higher) plans to valid 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Visit our Non-profit Discounts page for details and the application.


What is your refund policy?

Projecturf is a month-to-month service and we do not require long-term contracts or service agreements. You can cancel or change your plan at any time. You have complete control over managing your account and payment terms. Therefore, we do not offer refunds, under any circumstances. Our policy is described in greater detail in our Terms & Conditions.

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