Workspaces overview

You can have multiple Workspaces and use the same email address for all workspaces. Workspaces are essentially separate accounts. You can have your own Workspaces and also be assigned to someone else's Workspace. Multiple Workspaces can be used to manage different departments, different companies, segregate business functions, segregate markets, freelance projects from various clients, and more.

Add Workspace

To add a new workspace, go to and sign up again with the same email address. Once you've created the new Workspace, go to Account - Workspace Options to begin setting up your new workspace. You can view all your workspaces by going to Account - Workspaces and click on a Workspace to go to it. You can also remove yourself from workspaces where you are not an admin.


Switch Workspaces

To switch between different Workspaces, click on the company name or logo on the top left of the screen. You will see a drop down menu of all Workspaces you are assigned to and / or created. From here you can quickly jump back and forth between your Workspaces.


Remove workspace

To remove your workspace, follow the instructions here. If you are not an admin on a workspace, go to Account - Workspaces and hover over the workspace name and click x on the top right corner.

Global account settings

System Admins can start customizing the app under Account - Account Options. This includes the following customization and branding options:

  1. Set a workspace name for outgoing emails
  2. Set a color theme which is used for the navigation for all users on the account
  3. Select the currency to be used in your application
  4. Add a custom email footer you want to include on all outgoing emails
  5. Upload a logo or choose to use the workspace name for the account. This appears on the top left of the screen for branding when users login.
  6. Click Admins on the left navigation (Account - Admins) to add project and system admins to your account directly from your My Contacts section
  7. Click Custom URL on the left navigation (Account - Custom URL) to set a custom subdomain for accessing your account such as


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