Time overview

Click the icon to the left of the input field at the top of the Time section to choose from one of these available entry types: New Billable Entry, New Expense, New Time Entry. Then type the entry and enter the details such as date, time, rate, or expense. Once the entry has been submitted, click on the time entry and the sidebar will appear on the right to add notes or comments or more details. Entries that are added from a task or a ticket are identified with Task: or Ticket: to the left of the description in the Time section.


All Projects time

You can enter time to any projects quickly from the All Projects - Time section. To add time entries from the All Projects - Time section, select the project from the drop down menu at the top of the page and then start entering your time. all-projects-time-pt4

Set default hourly rate

Go to My Account - Personal Options - Hourly Rate and input the rate to be used for your time entries. This can also be changed manually when submitting entries in the Time Section.


Billable vs. non-billable

Before submitting a time entry, click the icon to the left of the input field to toggle to New Billable Entry. If you toggle to New Time Entry, it will not be marked as billable. They be added simply for time tracking purposes. Entries can also be changed later to billable and when you export the time section, they will be marked as billable on the .csv file.


Mark items paid

Marking items as paid is simple. Click the checkbox to the left of each entry to mark the item paid.

Filter by person

Above the list of entries on the page, click the drop down menu that says People to select a timecard from a specific user. Selecting another person will automatically display their timesheet. This is only available to project managers on a project by project basis.


Multiple filters

By clicking on the Type filter drop down from the tool bar, you can filter by billable, time entries, and expenses. You can also use the filters for selecting a date range, paid or unpaid, and specific users. You can apply multiple filters at the same time.


Reports view

To view reports in the Time section, click on the reports icon to the top right of the Time section. You can view entries by each user and across projects (when viewing from All Projects - Time). The report can be modified using the filters at the top of the time section.


Moving Tasks / Tickets

When moving a task or ticket to another project, all the associated time entires will be moved with the task / ticket.

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