Associating time with tickets

To record the time you spent on a ticket, simply find the ticket in the Tickets section or All Projects - Tickets . Then click on the ticket to highlight it and the sidebar will appear on the right. Next, click on the Time tab in the sidebar and then click the plus button to the right of Time Entries.


Select the type of entry from the drop down as shown below, then select the date, and fill in the rest of the form. Be sure to click Add Time when you are done.


Once you've entered time on a ticket, it will show up underneath the Time Entries in the sidebar and will also display the totals.


All cost and time entered on your tickets, is tracked in the Time section of your project and against the project budget in the Overview section under the Details tab (displayed below). Only Admins and Project Managers can view this budget tracking in the Overview section.



Time entries entered on tickets are only visible to the user that entered the time and to project managers. Other users assigned to ticket are able to see their time and dollars entered and the time (not dollars) entered by other users. 

In the example below, Matt Camp is a staff member on the project and he can see both the time and dollars he's entered in the sidebar on this ticket, but can only see the time portion entered by other users on the ticket (the dollars aren't showing for Matt). This is because he's not a project manager and can only see his own dollar entries.


Adding time from Timer

To track and add time from the custom built-in timer, click here to learn more.

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