Adding comments, attachments, status, and details

Ticket details

After adding a ticket, simply click on the ticket to highlight the ticket row and the sidebar will appear on the right. The sidebar is where all the details are located. Click the Details tab at the top to see the ticket details and make updates. Making changes here automatically updates the ticket list. For example, when adding an attachment, an attachment icon will appear next to the ticket description to notify you that an attachment is associated with that ticket. The following can be done from the Details tab:

  • Update the ticket description by clicking on it, adding your changes, and hitting enter.
  • Flag a ticket as high priority by clicking on the flag to the right of Details. Flags show up in the ticket list and are colored red to remain very visible.
  • Move a ticket between projects by clicking on the project name and selecting the project you want to move it to from the drop down.
  • Change the status or add a new status by clicking on the current status. Statuses are listed to the left of the ticket description next to the ticket number.
  • Change the category or add a new category by clicking on the current category.
  • Mark a ticket as private.
  • Assign the ticket to one or multiple people. You can also change the assignees.
  • Add one or multiple attachments from your computer, from Dropbox or Google Drive, or as a link. You can also drag and drop files here.
  • Click the + button to the right of notes to add notes or comments about the ticket.
  • View all history for that ticket. History will show when a ticket has been reassigned or when the status is updated
  • Delete the ticket.

Ticket comments

To collaborate on a ticket, click on the comments tab and simply start typing. Comments are instantaneous and anyone assigned to the ticket will get notified immediately. They will receive a notification badge as soon as you add your comment. Also, you will know which tickets have comments by the comment icon next to each ticket description in the list. Using comments is a great way to keep track of all communication on a ticket in one place.


Adding time estimates and actuals

To learn more about using the Time tab, click here.

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