Tickets overview

To add a ticket quickly, simply start typing in the input field on the top of the Tickets section and hit enter. Continue to type and hit enter to add more tickets. You can go back later and click on the ticket to assign responsibility, set a status, and much more by clicking on the ticket and using the sidebar on the right.


When adding tickets, you can also use the icons on the right of the input field to attach files, assign the ticket to one or multiple people, mark them private, and send email notifications to specific users.

All Projects - Tickets

By going to All Projects - Tickets, you can add tickets to any project. Simply select the project from the drop down at the top of the page to the left of the input field before typing the tickets. Type the ticket in the input field and click enter to add multiple tickets quickly. Note that the All Projects is only available after you have more than one project. tickets-all-projects-adding

Private tickets

When adding a new ticket, click mark private from the bottom of the Add Responsibility panel and only those given permissions will be able to view the ticket.


Closing tickets

To close a ticket, click on a ticket to highlight the row and open the sidebar on the right. On the right side in the sidebar, click on the status and set it to closed from the drop down menu. The status will update to closed on the left side of the ticket.


Filtering, printing, and exporting tickets

Tickets can be viewed from within each project or across all your project from the All Projects - Tickets section. Filter by responsible persons, dates, categories, or status by using the filters at the top left of the Tickets section. You can also quickly print or export your tickets using the icons at the top of the Tickets section.


Reports views

There are two options when viewing your tickets. You can switch between the list view and the report view by clicking the icons on the top right of the Tickets section. The report shows average ticket response times across all users.


Ticket ordering

Tickets are ordered based on recently modified, therefore the latest ticket updated will show first in the list.

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