Tasks & subtasks overview

To add a task quickly, simply start typing in the input field on the top of the Tasks section and hit enter. Continue to type and hit enter to add more tasks. You can go back later and click on the task to assign responsibility or make changes using the sidebar. For each task, you can have as many subtasks as you need. Once the top level task is created, hover on the task row and click + to the right of the task row to create a subtask. You can add as many subtasks as you'd like quickly. Simply type and hit enter to add more subtasks.


When adding tasks, you can also use the icons on the right of the input field to set start and end dates, assign the task to one or multiple people, mark them private, and send email notifications to specific users.

All Projects tasks

By going to All Projects - Tasks, you can add tasks to any project. Simply select the project from the drop down at the top of the page to the left of the input field before typing the tasks. Type the task in the input field and click enter to add multiple tasks quickly. Note that the All Projects is only available after you have more than one project. add-all-projects-tasks-pt4

Private tasks

When adding a new task or subtask, click mark private from the bottom of the Add Responsibility panel and only those given permissions will be able to view the task or subtask.


Marking tasks & subtasks complete

To mark a task or subtask complete, simply check the box to the far left on the task. Once a task is checked off as completed, all subtasks will be marked complete as well. When marking a task incomplete, all of the associated subtasks will remain marked complete unless you check them as incomplete individually.


Filtering, printing, and exporting tasks

Tasks can be viewed from within each project or across all your project from the All Projects - Tasks section. Recently completed tasks are listed at the bottom of the Tasks section for convenience. Filter by responsible persons, dates, active / complete / incomplete / flagged by using the filters at the top of the Tasks section. You can also quickly print or export your tasks using the icons at the top of the tasks section.


Different task views

There are several options when viewing your tasks. You can switch between the different views based on your personal preference. From the All Projects - tasks section, the views included are the following: list, group, calendar, and Gantt. The group view displays tasks grouped together based on the project. Click the icons on the top right of the Tasks section to toggle views anytime right inline. For example, if you click the Gantt view, you will instantly see the Gantt chart of all tasks. This view allows you to update tasks in the sidebar or using drag and drop as well as add new tasks. When in the tasks section, you can also hide or show all subtasks by clicking on the +/- icon on the top right.


Task sorting

Tasks can be sorted based on your preference. The sorting is available in each of the project Tasks sections, from the All Project tasks section, and in the My Tasks section. To sort your tasks, click on the Sort button in the grey bar at the top of the screen and select from one of the following options:


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