Gantt chart overview

Each project has a Gantt chart displaying all tasks and subtasks showing the timelines and days of the week, which can be accessed by clicking on the Gantt icon on the top right of the Tasks section. There is also an All Projects Gantt chart which displays your tasks and subtasks across all of your projects located in the All Projects - Tasks section. When in the My Tasks section, you can also access the Gantt chart. It will display all project tasks and subtasks you've been assigned to as well as your personal tasks.


To hide subtasks, click the +/- icon to the left of the views on the top right. To view more information about a specific task on the Gantt chart, just click on the task and the sidebar will appear on the right, which shows all of the task details. You can use the sidebar to make any changes to the task, such as add comments, change dates, or add attachments - to name a few. You can also add tasks from the input field on the top of the screen and mark tasks complete by checking them off in the Gantt chart. To see older or future tasks, simply scroll left and right. Note that only tasks with start and end dates will show on the Gantt chart


Custom filters

You can set the filters at the top of the Tasks section to customize the output. Select from active, flagged, etc., dates, or tasks assigned to specific people.


Gantt colors

Project managers and admins can customize the colors on the Gantt chart for each project by selecting from one of the color options in the Overview section on the right under the Settings tab. The color will be used in each project on the Gantt chart and also on the All Projects Gantt chart to quickly identify a project.


Dragging and resizing

You can drag and drop and resize tasks or subtasks to update your schedules quickly. If the cursor doesn't change to the hand or the resize arrow (resize arrow is displayed on the right and left edges of the task) when hovering over the task, then you do not have permissions to edit that task.

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