All Projects

To see data across all your projects, click on All Projects in the left navigation right above your project list. Note: you must have more than one project for the All Projects section to appear. All Projects includes the following sections: Overview, Calendar, Tasks, Tickets, Time, Conversations, and Notes.. Each of the All Projects sections present the ability to view items across all your projects, in one place, to get a snapshot of all the things that are going on. For example, if you view the All Projects - Tasks area, you will see all tasks for all projects on one page. Additionally, you can add new items to projects, edit, and delete items as well as view reports in the All Project sections.


Difference between project level and All Projects view

The All Projects section includes each of the project sections except for Files. If you use the menu to navigate to various sections like Tasks, you will get a view of all tasks across all projects.

If you click a project name to enter a project and then click on a project section, you are now only seeing and managing that project's data and information.

Why isn't the All Projects menu showing on my account?

The All Projects view is to access information across all of your projects. Once you are associated with two or more projects, the All Projects view will appear.

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