Roles & permissions

There are 4 user roles or permission levels within Projecturf, which include Admins, Managers, Staff and Clients.

Administrators (System/Global level)

Initially, there is one single admin in the app, which is the individual who created the account. The admin has complete control over the app, settings, and billing/plan details. The admin is the only person who can create new projects and manage existing ones. The admin can however also assign admin privileges to other contacts who have completed their registration and currently exist in the admin's My Contacts and have been added to a project and already registered.

There are 2 levels of Admin controls:

System Admin

A System Admin has complete control over the app, settings, and billing/plan details.

Project Admin

A Project Admin has access to create new projects and manage existing ones, as well as access all project contacts in My Contacts. A Project Admin cannot however access any billing/plan details.

Privacy setting

In global mode to the All Projects section, every Admin can see all the data regardless of their project level settings. However, anything marked private in a project can only be viewed by those included on the item regardless of their role (Client, Staff Member, Project Manager, or Admin) - this applies to All Projects and project sections.

Project Manager (Project Level)

At the project level, a manager has access to edit the Settings, as well as add/modify/delete any activity or item from not only themselves, but any other user on that project. You may have multiple project managers on a project without any limitations. Managers can also view all time entries for each individual on the project.

Staff Member & Clients (Project level)

At the project level, a staff member or client is a basic user account. They cannot modify or access settings or project budgets, and can simply add/modify/delete only their own activities and items. Also, they can only view their own time entries.

Staff Members, Clients, and Project Managers can add additional contacts to a project using the People tab in the Overview section. However, Staff Members can only add other Staff Members to a project and Clients can only add other Clients to a project. Access to this tab can also be hidden from users in the project Settings tab.

Also, even though you may be an Admin, if you are not assigned to the project, you will only have access in View only mode.

Setting User / Section Permissions (Project Level)

Detailed user permissions are set by Project Managers from the Settings tab in the Overview section of the project. To set the permissions, first choose a default role (such as Staff, as shown below). All Staff members added to the project will be given the access to the sections that Staff have access to. You can hide sections and grant read/write or view only access for any section in the project. The People section gives permission to see the People tab on the Overview page (so users can see everyone who is on the project). If you uncheck the People section, then this tab will be hidden on the Overview page so the user will not have access to see everyone who is on the project and cannot click their names to access their info. When finished setting the default roles, click on the People tab above and add users to the project and assign a role to each user which will be based on the permissions granted when setting the Default Roles.


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