Project budgets

Setting a project budget is simple. To set the budget for a project, simply go to the Overview section and click on the Settings tab on the top far right side. Under financials, you can add budgets for both hours and dollars for the project. Click Not Set, add the budget, and click enter.


Once the budgets are entered, all the actual time and expense entries will track against the budgets. To track your project budgets, click on the Overview section of the project and then click on the Details tab on the far right side in the sidebar. From here you can quickly view the Cost vs. Budget and the Hours vs. Projected for each individual project:


Who can view and access project budgets?

Only admins and project managers are able to access the Settings tab and add budgets and also view them from the Details tab in the Overview section. Staff members and clients cannot view the budgets on the Overview Details tab or access the Settings tab. Additionally, staff members and clients can only view their own timecard entries, whereas project managers and admins can view everyone's for the project.

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