Open & closed projects

Projects can be set to either active/open or closed at any time. This is done on the Overview page. To access the settings page and change a project's status, follow these steps:

  1. Click on a project and go to the Overview section
  2. On the top right side of the page in the sidebar, click on the Settings tab (you must be a Project Manager or Admin to access the settings page)
  3. In the Settings tab underneath Project Settings toward the top of the sidebar, click the slider which says active or closed to change the status of the project

Project counts / limits

Only active projects in your account count towards your project limit at any given time. Closed projects do not count toward your project total, however they do count toward your storage limit. If you need more projects or more storage, you can simply upgrade your account.

Why are closed projects counted towards my storage limit?

Closed projects are counted towards your storage limits, which allows you to keep closed projects in the system indefinitely (for archiving purposes, in case you need to re-open the project or access it later). If you decide that a closed project is ready to be deleted to free up more space in your plan, you can delete the project at any time.

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