Adding contacts to projects

For contacts to receive their registration email, they must be added to a project (just adding a contact to My Contacts does not send the user a registration email).

Adding contacts to a project is simple. Click on the project name to open it and navigate to the Overview section. Click the People tab on the right side and begin adding users using the plus buttons to the right of the user type. You can add multiple contacts to each user type quickly by clicking the check box for each user or by simply clicking on the contact group name.


If a user is a Project Manager on the project, they will have the option of giving the new contacts Project Manager or below privileges. Regular Staff Members or Clients cannot add new contacts with Project Manager privileges, but can add other users at the same level to a project at any time (unless the People tab is hidden from Staff or Clients by a Project Manager)

The contact(s) will receive an email to register. They will remain unregistered in the system until they complete the sign up process. You can find unregistered emails by filtering to unregistered contacts at the top of the page.


Unverified contacts

Unverified contacts can be added to projects at any time, even if they have not completed the sign up process. We allow unverified contacts to be used throughout the app so that you don't have to wait to start assigning items and getting things done.

Contact card data

Once a user registers, all of their information appears in the system. You can also use the personal contact card to store information on a contact. To learn more about the difference between project and personal contacts, visit the help topic about adding personal and project contacts.

Add contacts to multiple projects

From the 'My Contacts' section, you can quickly add contacts to multiple projects if you are an admin. To do this, click on the persons name and then click the + button to the right of Projects. From here you can add users to multiple projects and select user types at the project level. You can also do a search to quickly find a project.



If you are an admin or have admin privileges, you can assign contacts to a project from the Overview section on a project and from My Contacts. You can use contact groups to easily organize your contacts. This will help you quickly add contacts and create project teams with users who are regularly added to multiple projects. Additionally, anyone added to a project by another admin or user will show up in your My Contacts section.

If you are a project manager and not an admin, you will only see users already listed on the project from the People tab in order to easily change the permissions of the users; but you cannot see or add users from other projects you are not assigned to.

Registration email isn't received

With spam blockers and junk mail filters, emails can occasionally be blocked by either your company, ISP, or local applications. First, we recommend asking the individual to check their Junk Mail folder. Please also make sure they add to their Safe Senders list. This should ensure that all emails are delivered and not incorrectly filtered or blocked.

Once this is done, you may resend the registration email from My Contacts. To do this, click on the contacts name and click the email button in the sidebar and then click ok in the confirmation message.

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