My Notes

Adding personal notes

To add personal notes into Projecturf, click on the My Notes section on the top left of the navigation. Then type in your note and hit enter.


Click on the note you've added to start filling out the note and click save when you are done. Personal notes are not viewable by anyone else. They are only viewable and accessible by the user that added it. If a user is removed from your workspace, they still retain access to all their personal items.

My Notes overview

The My Notes section was setup to allow each user to view all their notes in one place and to create personal notes. Users will see notes across all projects that are assigned to them as well as all their personal notes added from this section. Note that project notes assigned to everyone will show up in My Notes for the users on that project.

My Notes filters

To view only your personal or project notes, click the filter at the top of the page and select personal or project.


You can also filter by dates using the date filter at the top of the page.


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