Notes overview

To start a note, simply go to the Notes section of a project and type the name of the note in the input field at the top of the screen , set the permissions by clicking the icon on the right, and hit enter.


Only those people given permissions will have access to view it. Once created, simply click on the name of the note to open it. This is where you add all your notes and comments. You can use the inline editor to format the page, upload screenshots, and print them out. After making changes, be sure to click Save on the top right of the page and click send email alert if you want to notify everyone with permission to view the note. To add or change users on a note, simply click the + button on the top right of the note.


View prior versions

You can view who has made changes to the note and when they occurred by opening the note and clicking History on top of the page underneath the title. The sidebar will open with the Revision History.


You can use Notes to create lists, collaborate on documents, add comments, share website or marketing content, etc. It's similar to a Word document, but others given permission can access and make changes to it.

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