Managing files & file comments

The files section on your projects consist of folders, subfolder, and files. To learn more about folders, click here. Files are listed in order of the most recent date they've been modified. This let's you quickly see the latest files or changes. Each file also includes the persons name that uploaded the file or made a change. Clicking on the filename will let you preview the file inline if it's an image file, such as a png or jpeg, or it will simply download the file to your computer.


New file comments

When adding a new file, you can add comments by clicking on the chat icon to the right of the Select File(s) field. Simply click the icon, write your comments, then click done. The comments will be added to the file and accessible in the sidebar under the comments tab. The comments will also be sent to everyone given permission if you send the email notification.

Sidebar details

Once you've added files to the Files section of a project, simply click in the file row to highlight it and the sidebar will appear on the right side. Under the Details tab you can preview or download the file, add / remove users by clicking the + button to the right of permissions, upload new versions using the + button next to versions, approve the file by clicking the checkmark to the right of the file name, and remove it by clicking Delete File at the bottom of the sidebar.


Sidebar comments

To add a new comment, simply highlight the file row by clicking on it. Then click the comments tab in the sidebar to type your comment. If there are existing comments, you will see a comment badge with the current number of comments. Comments are instant. Type your comment and hit enter. Everyone associated with the file will receive the notification badge and an email notification. Users can reply via email to comments in Projecturf.


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