Adding project files

To add files to a project quickly, go to the files section on the project and click Select File(s) or drag and drop files to the top of the screen in the input field. Once you've added your files, simply click Post on the far right of the input field. If needed, you can set permissions, add a comment, and send email alerts by using the icons to the left of the Post button. Or, this can all be done using the sidebar after you've added the files. You can also add a link to a file, add folders and subfolders, and connect directly with Dropbox and Google Drive to share and collaborate on files directly from those file services.


Legacy Plan Users

Please note that if you are on one of our older (legacy) plans, multiple uploads are not available. Legacy plans have unlimited storage, so we cannot enable multiple uploads. If you simply upgrade to one of our new plans, which are very close in price, multiple uploads will be enabled immediately. You will have an overall storage limit, but they are very high and the vast majority of our customers do not ever reach the limit. If you do, you can simply upgrade or delete old projects or files.

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