File integration

Connecting to Dropbox or Google Drive

When adding files into Projecturf, you can easily add files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive. This will not count against your storage limits. Adding files from Dropbox or Google Drive can be done from the Files, Tasks, and Tickets section on your projects as well as when adding new versions in the Files section.

To add from one of these services when in the files section, click on the drop down menu to the left of the input field at the top of the screen and select Dropbox or Google Drive. Then click select file in the input field and you will be prompted for your email and password.


Next, select the file(s) you want to add into your project and click choose or upload. Now you can set the permissions, add a comment, and select the email notifications that you want to send out. Then click Post to share the file. Anyone you have shared the file with will be able to access it.


Projecturf has also included custom icons when adding files from these major services. Since these files link directly, the updates you make to the files will be reflected in your Projecturf account.

Adding links

You can add files or folders from outside services such as Dropbox, BOX, Google Drive, or any other services by selecting link from the drop down menu to the left of the input field at the top of the screen, and then pasting the link, setting the permissions, and clicking Post.


You will see a custom link icon to identify all links. You can also add links to files hosted on your own servers.

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