My Dashboard

Your My Dashboard section shows all activity on your plate, by due date (so items must have a due date to show up on the Dashboard). This is where you can go to view everything on your schedule across all projects. The Dashboard is categorized into three areas: Today, Late, and Upcoming. For each of these areas, you will see the following items listed:

  • Tasks
  • Tickets
  • Events

This includes all these items you've been assigned to across all your projects and any personal items you've added such as personal tasks. To remove a ticket from the today or late category, simply change the status from New to something else.


Apply filters

Set filters at the top of the section if you wish to only view items for today, late, or upcoming.


Recent notifications

On the right side of the My Dashboard section, you'll see all recent activity that has occurred on your projects for the last 24 hours. You get notified instantly with the badges when something happens on your projects. This is where you can view all that activity that you are associated with. For example, if someone assigns a task to you or makes a comment on a task you are a part of, those notifications will be displayed here in order of the most recent activity.

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