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If you receive an email notification on a new comment or a new task, ticket, file, and conversation from Projecturf, you can reply directly from your email. All you need to do is hit reply in your email program and type your message, and it will be automatically included as the next reply to the email conversation or comment under that project in your account. All users on the item will receive an email notification of your reply, except the author.

Note that conversations cannot be started from your email. They must be created in the system. When replying to a conversation via email, everyone included on that conversation topic will receive an email notification of the reply except the author. You can also include links in your reply.

Replying inline

When you reply to an email, all replies must be added to the top part of the email above the previous email date, time, and sender information. If you reply to the email by adding comments inline with the previous email (below the previous email date, time, and sender info), your responses will not be included in the reply. This functionality is something we do plan on adding in the near future, but it does not currently exist.  


When you reply to an email notification from a comment on a task, ticket, file, and conversation or a new conversation, task, ticket, or file email notification, you can include attachments and they will be added to the attachments section for that item. Note that when adding attachments to an email from a file notification, the attached file will be added as the latest version. 

Note the following criteria when replying via email with attachments:

- Total email (Text and attachments) can’t be over 100 MB. If it’s over 100 MB the text of the email will be processed and the attachments will be removed. When that happens the following text is added to your reply “***Attachments removed, must be less than 100MB***”
- Each email can have up to 10 attachments. If more than 10 exist it will process the first 10 and disregard the rest.
- Attachments can't be smaller than 3kb or start with image00 or ~WRD (this check prevents small signature images being considered valid attachments)

HTML formatted emails

Projecturf offers both HTML and plain text emails. To turn on/off the HTML emails, go to Account - Personal Options - App Behavior and check the box to Receive HTML emails. The HTML emails are nicely formatted as seen below. All emails from the system will be formatted in HTML when this option is checked.

HTML emails

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