Contact groups

Create contact groups

Creating contact groups is simple. Click the icon to the left of the input field at the top of the screen to toggle to New Group. Type the group name and hit enter.


Then click on the group to open the sidebar where you can begin adding group members by clicking the plus button to the right of Group Members.


Groups are a way to organize contacts within Projecturf to make assigning items throughout the app faster and easier. You can create groups for clients, employees, teams, or anyone else. When adding new items to any of the sections within a project, you can quickly give an entire group permission to access the new item. This is much faster than checking off names individually. For example, if you create a group called My team and put 20 people in the group, then you add a new discussion, rather than checking off 20 names in the permissions box, you can simply check the name of the My team group. You will see that all the names inside that group get checked as well, so you can easily see who is in the group at that time. If you'd like to remove a few people from the permissions, you can quickly uncheck their names.

For admins and project managers, groups make it easy to assign users to a project via the Settings tab on the Overview page. Contact groups are not shared. Each user has the ability to create and manage their own contact groups.

Remove contact from group

In My Contacts section of the project, first click the group name of the group you'd like to manage in the list. Then in the sidebar, click on the x next to the contact name to remove them from the group.

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