Overview & access

The My Contacts section is used to store contacts permanently, which can be accessed from the Overview page of a project in the right sidebar under the People tab by admins to quickly add contacts as either project managers or staff members.

Adding people to your My Contacts does not add them to a project or send them an email to register. Users can only be added to a project from the Overview section within a project or the My Contacts section. Registration emails are only sent out to a contact when they are added to their first project. To learn more about adding contacts to a project, click here.

Who has access?

Each user has their own contacts. However, all System and Project admins will have access to all project contacts in order to add contacts to projects and also to manage the contact list. No one else has access to your My Contacts. All users can add personal contacts which are not shared with anyone, unless they are added to a project.

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