My Contacts overview

Adding personal and project contacts

To add a new contact to your My Contacts section, simply start typing email addresses into the New Contacts Email(s) field at the top of the screen. From here, you can either add one email at a time or multiple email addresses (comma separated) and click enter. You can add up to 100 contacts at a time. Duplicate email addresses will not be added to My Contacts and you will receive a message showing which ones are duplicates.


Personal vs project contacts

Contacts added to My Contacts are personal contacts. You can add in all their contact details, add them to contact groups, and keep notes on them. Once you add them to a project, they'll receive an email to register. After they register, they'll have a project card (displaying the contact details they filled out) and a personal card (which you can edit and is only visible to you). If you wish to update their personal card with their project card they filled out, you can simply copy the project card over to your personal card.


To remove a contact, click on their name and the sidebar will appear. If they are registered and you are an admin, you can remove them from the system completely. You will be prompted to reassign all of their responsibilities when removing them. If you want to remove a personal contact, you need to click on the Personal Card and click Delete Personal Contact. If you delete a personal contact and they are registered in the system, all of their information will be gone if they cancel or are removed from the account.


Admins will see all project contacts that have been added to a project in their My Contacts section. Project managers, staff, and clients will only see project contacts for the projects they've been assigned to unless the projects have been hidden from staff / clients under the project permissions. All personal contacts are private and therefore only visible to the user that created the personal contact record.


Contacts will only receive an email notification to sign into your Projecturf account when they are added to a project, not when they are added to My Contacts. All of their contact information will appear in My Contacts and throughout the application after they sign up.

Contacts that have not registered are only your personal contacts until you add them to a project.

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