Event calendars overview

Event Calendars are available on every project within Projecturf. There is also a global calendar in All Projects - Calendar, which displays events across all of your projects. You can set dates and times, add notes, select attendees, print calendar list views, and send email notifications on each event. There is a month, week, day, and list view above the calendar on the top right. Click on the desired view and the calendar will be displayed below. You can move between dates by using the arrows next to Today.


Adding events

Adding events is simple. You can add events from project calendars, the All Projects Calendar, and to My Calendar. The My Calendar shows events that you are associated with across your projects and your personal events. Events added to My Calendar are only personal events and therefore only you will see it. To add a calendar event from any calendar, simply click a day on the calendar. You can do this from the month, week, and day view. To add an event from the list view, click New Event on the top right of the page. Once the New Event panel appears, use the tabs on top of the panel to set the event details (such as project if you are in All Projects - Calendar, event or meeting name, time, notes, and repeating), permissions, and email alerts (send to specific people, nobody, or everyone on the event).


Private events

When adding a Calendar event, click Mark private under the People tab and only those given permissions will be able to view the event.


Start calendar on Mondays

This option is available under Account - Personal Options. Simply check the box and you've set the calendar to start on Monday's


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