Account customization

Individual user settings

After registering with Projecturf and logging into your account, go to your name on the top right of the screen and click Account. Start by filling out all of your contact details under the Personal Info section. In order for all events and items posted in the app to show up in the correct time zone, you must select your proper time zone under Location. To the right of your contact details, you can add your avatar and crop it if needed. Next, click on Personal Options to set your language preference, set a date format to be used throughout the app, input your default hourly rate for billing or tracking hours, and choose your app behavior options as seen in the screenshot below, which includes having your Projecturf subscription invoices sent to you via email and receiving a daily email digest showing completed and upcoming activity on your projects. Then select which file services you want to allow access to for uploading and sharing files, including Dropbox and Google Drive.


Global account settings

System Admins can start customizing the app under Account - Account Options. This includes the following customization and branding options:

  1. Set a workspace name for outgoing emails
  2. Set a color theme which is used for the navigation for all users on the account
  3. Select the currency to be used in your application
  4. Add a custom email footer you want to include on all outgoing emails
  5. Upload a logo or choose to use the workspace name for the account. This appears on the top left of the screen for branding when users login.
  6. Click Admins on the left navigation (Account - Admins) to add project and system admins to your account directly from your My Contacts section
  7. Click Custom URL on the left navigation (Account - Custom URL) to set a custom subdomain for accessing your account such as


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