Refund policy

Using Projecturf

Projecturf is a month-to-month service that auto-renews and can be cancelled at any time. We are not responsible for canceling your account, regardless of your activity level. If you prefer to pre-pay for an entire year, your account and all data will still be deleted immediately if you cancel.

Cancel during the 14-day free trial period

If you cancel your account within the 14-day free trial period from your original signup date, you will not be charged. As a courtesy only, we send an email reminder three days prior to your first renewal which notifies you of the upcoming charges. We are not responsible if you do not receive this email; it is simply a courtesy reminder.

Canceling after the 14-day free trial period

Once you cancel you will not be charged again, but you are responsible for any charges that have already been incurred. Projecturf does not provide refunds for any reason and we cannot refund unused months with annual billing. In order to treat everyone equally, there will be no exceptions made.

Upgrade or downgrade during 14-day free trial period

When you change your subscription during the free trial period, you will not be charged until your first renewal date. At the time of your renewal, you will incur charges based on your current plan rate.

Terms and Conditions

The details are further explained in the Terms & Conditions.

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