Slack + Projecturf Integration

The Projecturf and Slack integration allows you to create new tasks in Projecturf through your Slack account. You can use the slash command of
to list project info and create, assign, flag, mark private, comment on, add notes, and complete tasks in Projecturf, directly from your Slack account.

If you need help, type:
/pt help
The following commands are allowed:

Show project info:
/pt status
Link a project to this Slack channel:
/pt linkp <name>
Example: /pt linkp "My Project"

Add a task to a project:
/pt task <task> [<users>] [-p] [-f] [-s <start_date>] [-d <due_date>] [-n <note>]
Example: /pt task "My Task"
Example: /pt task "My Task" "@chuck @mike" -d 6/12/2017 -n "My Note"

  • p means "private" and can only be seen by the users assigned to the task
  • f means "flagged" or important
  • means "start date" of the task
  • d means "due date" of the task
  • n means "note" added to the task

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