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03/01/2018 – Jeff Carter, Taylor Johnson, Julia Morgan, Elana Simon

• Banner Photo:
o There is some concern that the photo filter might be too negative, or too off-putting (blood red color) – some possible options:
 Different shade of red, or different color filter
 No filter on right, just solid color
 Block of solid color immediately behind text (“containing” text), over photo
 No filter, but fade to black, as in mobile device photo example
 Any other ideas from Blackbaud?
o Is the banner photo static, or is there the option for it to be auto-rotating?
 We will likely want it to remain static, but if it can be either, can we have both functions available, so that at any given time, we can choose between static or rotating? (can we switch auto-rotation on and off?).
o Logo placement is good, but concerned about size – particularly, Nobel Prize logo may not be legible (even with a high resolution logo).

• Banner Social Media buttons:
o Keep Facebook and Twitter buttons.
o We have 2 Twitter accounts; which account does it go to when clicking on the Twitter icon? Is there a way to address that we have two accounts?
o Delete the Instagram button.
o We aren’t maintaining YouTube, so suggest removing this button from banner; but, retain in footer.

• Register for PSR Newsletter in upper right corner:
o Does the drawer open with hover, or only with click? We’d prefer it be viewable with hover.
o Wherever “Newsletter” appears throughout the site, we’d like to change that, as this sign-up is not restricted to our newsletter. “Stay Informed”? “Get the Latest News”? “Get Updates”? Other ideas from other organizations?

• Under the banner, right:
o Change “Find a Chapter Near You” to “Find a Chapter” – word length is comparable to the other two this way, and visitors may want to find a chapter not necessarily near them!
o We’re not sure about the widget/icon for “Get Involved” – is there an alternative?

• Under Areas of Focus:
o Nuclear Weapons is now “Nuclear Disarmament”
o We need a different icon here; this one is for nuclear power, rather than nuclear weapons disarmament; perhaps a bomb with the radiation hazard symbol, or something similar?
o The three linkable text items under Issues: looks plain, can they be buttons, similar to “Donate” and “Join Us”? (e.g. a box with text inside, that can be updated, that looks like a button)
o What if this changes? For instance, what if at some point we add another area of focus? How easy is it to add another block?

• We’re noticing that “Join Us” shows up quite a few times:
o We’re wondering if this is too repetitive (?).
o At the same time, we understand this may increase the potential for clicks on Join Us.
o We just wanted to mention this, but will go with Blackbaud’s expert opinion based on experience (we’re just concerned that users might make the same observation about repetitiveness…)

• Did You Know? Infographic:
o We’d like to keep an infographic here, but are concerned about it focusing on one of our two programs, and being fairly static; it needs to better represent both program areas.
o We like the general concept, but the content will be different, as this doesn’t specifically convey what we’d like/how we’d like it framed. We can provide a descriptive memo, or potentially a mock-up.
o Alternative in lieu of this would be an interactive timeline re cases of leadership on the road to the ban treaty, and another narrative for climate change. We’re trying here to tell PSR’s story from the perspective of both of our primary programs. How we frame climate change and nuclear disarmament as leadership/public health issue.
o We expect this to be static, but not indefinitely – for example, it might be static for a year or two, and then change (change every couple of years) – what are the implications for that?

• Campaign Updates
o The red diagonal is not resonating with us; we were thinking of a solid red background – this would serve to highlight this as a segment – we just aren’t fond of the diagonal.
o We will likely want this to be static (in terms of what we have up at any given time, auto-rotate may not be optimal)
o However, we’d like to retain the option to convert this to from static to auto-rotate (can we switch the auto-rotation “on and off”?).
o With regard to clicking to the next set of images/updates: we’re not sure if we want the next full set of 3 to appear, or have them come in one by one per click; that would mean more clicks, though; what is Blackbaud’s opinion? Can we have the option to alter that at any time (one at a time, vs next 3, vs static)?

• Under ACT NOW!:
o As with above under banner, widget/icon for Get Involved should be changed (and wherever this appears throughout the site).

• Resource Library:
o We would like this removed from the home page.
 We will likely include this in the top left navigation as a selection under “Issues”, and have it go to its own landing page
 We think it will reduce clutter on the home page
 We also don’t think it looks “natural” on the home page
o Are image thumbnails an option for inclusion for each individual resource?
 One potential drawback is that we won’t have images for all resources, so would need to use something generic for some of them; what are Blackbaud’s thoughts?

• Add a #hashtag to our site?
o Links with health advocacy
o Links with social media
o Where, though, without too much clutter, and detracting from the current overall look and feel of the site?
o Also, we don’t want it to detract from other clicks were are trying to attract…

• We’re not sure we like the big block of solid!
o A little out of proportion; seems too “simple”
o We are thinking about a banner option to include some kind of photo
o Do you want us to provide a suggested mock-up, or do you have alternative suggestions?

• The share buttons:
o Remove the Google one (not sure what that is?)
o Is the 4th one print?

• In This Section:
o Is it easy for us after the site is live to add or delete options?

• Again, change Get Involved widget/icon

• Same concern about solid red banner looking too simplistic, as with landing page – other options?

• Delete YouTube in banner

• We like the accordion option, but aren’t sure about content at this point. We want to have this, but aren’t sure yet how we’ll use it. It won’t be on all pages, but on some (just a comment for consideration).

• We understand you will include under the image banner the following, and look forward to seeing that mock-up:
o Mission
o Areas of Focus
o Act Now

• We are concerned that our chapters will strongly object to the navigation items within the banner being related to PSR national, and not the chapter:
o Specifically, the social media icons, Take Action, Donate, and Call to Action – for the chapter landing pages, can these be specific to the chapter, and not national?
o We’re OK with our national navigation being at the top, above the banner (Issues, Get Involved, etc.)
o Also, same concern with filter as with home page banner photo

• We will have two types of Chapter Landing pages:
o For those with their own website that they maintain, there needs to be a prominent button somewhere, such as “Learn More”, to lead them to the chapter-hosted page.
o For those chapters that use national’s website (who don’t have their own page), there will be more fleshed out items under the banner and Mission/Areas of Focus/Act Now, as these chapters will be “housed” on our website – can you please do a mock-up, using the Arizona photo we provided, with additional items underneath, similar to home page, but chapter-specific?

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